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Zap Mama

Known to her fans as Zap Mama, Marie Daulne redefines the term “vocalist.” She is more than just a singer—although she does that very well—but more of a sonic stylist, who alternates between storytelling and organic creative expression utilizing the tonality of the human voice. Since first bursting on the scene almost 20 years ago, the Belgian-Congolese diva has wowed audiences around the world with her unique sound, which seamlessly blends African, American, and European cultural influences and effortlessly mixes genres such as R&B, hip-hop, and jazz with indigenous and tribal sounds. Zap Mama’s seven album-deep catalog represents her mastery of what African griots recognize as the seventh sense: the ability to heal through music. In addition to her musical endeavors, Daule has worked with humanitarian aid organizations Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, CARE and the United Nations.

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Since launching his musical career in 2003, Kenyan-born singer/songwriter and 2010 NAACP Image Award winner SILA has steadfastly become the Bay Area’s top world music artist, as well as a tireless proponent of humanitarian causes. Currently at work on his highly-anticipated third album, SuperAfrican, his music combines the social commentary of Fela Kuti, the funk of James Brown, and the universal consciousness of Bob Marley.

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Non Stop Bhangra

Highlighting the ancestral roots of Punjabi dance while pushing boundaries with contemporary influences, Non Stop Bhangra is a genre-busting elixir of North Indian Bhangra music and dance, mixed with hip-hop, reggae, and electronica. An ever-evolving collective of dancers, DJs, drummers, vocalists, and musicians, Non Stop Bhangra is a non-stop party. Featuring dance lesson and performances with the vibrant dancers of Dholrhythms Dance Company led by Vicki Virk and Suman Raj, and music by DJ Jimmy Love, the group has won over legions of fans with its monthly events in San Francisco. Dholrhythms Dance Company also promotes the artistic and cultural heritage of India with classes and workshops, providing a unique platform for people of diverse backgrounds to come together and dance in a positive environment.

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Sambaxe Dance

Sambaxé is a full force, energetic group of dancers that perform various Brazilian inspired dances in many different types of venues and events. All of their shows can be tailored to fit any venue or type of event. This Brazilian-inspired dance group performs alongside Bateria ¡Blocura! De San Francisco, a live band led by Alfie Macias.

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San Francisco resident and world-renowned DJ/producer J Boogie continues to challenge the boundaries of the music world across genres, styles, languages and borders throughout his 20-year career. This truly unique artist speaks to his listeners through a diverse musical language he created integrating techniques and musical genres including downtempo, dub, hip–hop, soul, reggae, funk, African, Latin, bhangra, dancehall, disco, electro, bass, tropical, dubstep and house. Constantly revolutionizing the game, creating new sounds, and always keeping fans on their feet, J-Boogie continues to lift music to its full potential through his distinct approach and one-of-a-kind style.

He’s delivered his masterful mix of culture, soul, rhythm and beats both at home in the Bay Area through his award-winning radio program “Beatsauce” on KUSF, and around the globe spinning DJ sets in countries like Colombia, India, Japan, and Spain. J-Boogie’s local success has earned him awards such as “SF’s Best Club DJ” by SF Weekly, “SF’s Best Radio & Club DJ” by and “Best Hip–Hop Radio Show” by SF Bay Guardian. His global success has earned him acclaim and opportunities worldwide, including spots on radio and television both here and abroad, sportswear sponsorships, and the opportunity to DJ the Tokyo Dome for an NFL football game.

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Dj Jimmy Love

Non Stop Bhangra Founder Jimmy Love is pretty Indian for a white guy. From holding his own at an Indian wedding to creating the largest Bhangra monthly in San Francisco, his pure love and experience playing all styles of music has led him to grow out the musical blend that is the NSB sound. Jimmy has been rocking out the SF Scene with his unique blend of world and hip-hop mixes for years, recently beginning to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western dance floors all over the world. At the heart of it all is the universal groove of dance floor music, a blending of all cultures, and the DJ.

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Dj Jeremiah

As a boy growing up in Liberia, Jeremiah was a music fanatic. He loved to listen and dance to traditional and Afrobeat music blaring from local radios stations. He learned early that music is supposed to make you feel good. With his passion for world music, Jeremiah has amassed a great collection of dance tunes that has kept the world music fans joyful and grooving — reminiscent of his childhood days.

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DJ Matt Haze

Matt Haze began his DJ career in the Bronx as a husky 10 year-old, cutting up the dopest Paula Abdul and MC Hammer cassingles at his little sister’s birthday party. In high school, he took a fervent interest in the NYC ska scene. To share his newfound passion for underground music, Haze founded a pirate radio station with two tape decks, a mail-order transmitter kit and a ratty pair of old headphones that doubled as the studio mic. The Haze paid his dues as a promoter and fledgling live DJ in the Midwestern rave scene (you don’t know the true meaning of PLUR until you’ve had raw meat hurled at you in a barnful of knackered party kids), hosted “Static Free Radio” on WSUM 91.7FM for several years and held court as king of the jungle at Magnetic in Madison, WI – the longest-running D&B weekly in the Midwest. Today, Matt Haze will disembowel a crowd with the quickness, using his patented ADHD NinjaBass Tricknology to pull the dancefloor’s collective trousers down and spank the sh!t out of it. Don’t be surprised to hear Israeli dancehall, Brazilian funk, Ukrainian hip-hop or German oompahtronics in the mix alongside the latest heavy bass cuts and always a few dusties from the deeeeeep crates!

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Special Guest Host: Audio Angel

Audio Angel (Rashida Clendening) is in love with music. Whetherperforming or not, she's been known to become downright anti-social in the midst of clubsand parties because her attention has always been THE MUSIC. She isheralded by musical lovers globally, because her focus while singingand emceeing is the same, THE MUSIC. With almost 2 decades under herfeet, and over a decade on the mic, her greatest days as anunderground music lover still lay ahead because she focuses on stayingperpetually inspired by the multitude of styles and talent surroundingher. Audio Angel is in love with all styles of music. So much, that sheoften answers the question "What style do you like to sing to most?"with an exuberant "Yes!" Most recent collaborators include The RayBand- SF's Ray Charles Tribute Orchestra, Chron4, The Flying Skulls,The Funk Revival Orchestra's Tribute to Roy Ayers, Sound Became Color,Beatropolis, General Fuzz & so many more! She may be best known for herwork with STS9 who helped develop her amazing improv skills andbreathe life into their shared opus,"Better Day." She's grateful to have been aresident of multiple crews and parties throughout the West Coast andperformed with hundreds of DJs, bands & performers throughout theworld. Her newest project is Ex-Pyramids, a collaboration with drummerMike Reed. It's inspired by space, cats and cats in space. She's honored to bring in this amazing new year with Eclectic Fever family!

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